Hi and welcome. My third solo release is a CD-EP containing six songs I wrote sometime in the last 10 years. I finally got around to recording these tracks in early 2009, all for a variety of reasons. This is an ecclectic collection titled "A Good Man Needs No Credit, A Bad Man Deserves None".

Most songs were recorded in my studio with a variety of instruments. Some sound very lo-fi and others are more electronic and produced. "Coming And Going" is one of the first songs I ever wrote, back in early 1998. "You" is a by-product of a dance-music collaboration with another songwriter and was orignally a scratch-track vocal that I recorded. Later on I become fond of "You" and decided to publish it in this recording. "Back In Your Arms (Flawless Again)" is my favorite song in this CD, what's yours?

My previous releases from years past include two full length CDs published in 2005 and 2007, as well as several prior musical projects with various levels of notoriety.

Thanks for dropping by!